The Pines Women's Retreat

is about real talk, real experiences, and being the real you.

The Pines Method:

1) Recognize your blocks.

2) Acknowledge and forgive your yesterday.

3) Shift your thoughts, behaviors, and reactions.

4) Define your direction and walk your path.

5) Manifest and embrace your possibilities.

6) Strengthen, retain, and believe in yourself.

7) Repeat Sevenfold

Workshop: Visions, Goals, & Transformations Journals

This workshops takes vision boards to the next level – sevenfold.  With your Visions, Goals, and Transformations Journal, you will still have your visional pictures and phrases, but you will also be able to write down your SMART Goals, which helps remind you of what you are trying to achieve and bring into reality.  Also with this format you can easily track and update your transformation during the year.

Workshop: Sevenfold Award Winning Workforce Engagement

Forbes discovered only 68% of Gen X workers report being happy at work. The same percentage say their employers don’t provide management and development skills training. By contrast, 74% of boomers and 75% of millennials are happy at work.  The best managers know that a team will work most effectively when people feel valued, connected, and reasonably challenged. When managers make an effort to understand everyone’s unique strengths, manage the team’s blind spots, and resolve conflict within working relationships, they can achieve award winning employee engagement.

Workshop: How To Transform

Stress To Work-Life Happiness

Are you struggling with work-life balance? Stress is an inevitable part of work and life, but you can leverage stress to your work-life happiness advantage. In this workshop you will explore positive psychology techniques that help build resilience to stress and can increase your overall happiness.

Workshop: Do You Feel Like A Fraud?

Are you experiencing internal self-doubt and criticism that make you feel more like Tigger or Hello Kitty? You may be grappling with a phenomenon known as Impostor Syndrome. Surprisingly, it's people who strive to excel that are most likely to exhibit it. At last, confront and overcome the self-doubts and inner critic holding you back from accepting your well-deserved success.

Powerhouse Queens Masterclass Cruise

Nov 16 - 21, 2020​ 

New Orleans | Cozumel | Yucatan (Pregreso)

Ladies, don't miss the boat on joining Transformation Coach, Felicia Miller Johnson for this work-life happiness cruise that includes goals setting, transformation coaching, social engagement, and reciprocity networking. 

Workshop: Your Sevenfold Power

When you live from a positive strengths-based perspective, you enjoy better relationships, greater job satisfaction and a happier sense of purpose in your life. This workshop will help you to discover the power of you. Walk away from the experience being more aware of who you are, your character strengths, and how to leverage your self-intelligence.

They said...

google-review matters.png

"Girl, you absolutely killed it! I would pay hard cash money to attend your session."

"She's so engaging to listen to. Sometimes, during presentations I zone out and take a mental stroll. But with Felicia's topic and deliverance, I didn't want to miss a thing!"

"This was the most productive session. I have re-evaluated my way of thinking. Thank you Felicia."

↳"Her session was a conference favorite for several attendees. She helped them to realize that they can use their influence in more positive ways and watch their employees' productivity improve. She also showed them ways to build better relationships and build trust with their employees. It was phenomenal! She was engaging, very energetic and definitely, very knowledgeable"

↳"This is one of the best workshops I have ever been to!"

↳"It was truly an amazing, PRODUCTIVE session of self discovery!!! HUGE THANKS!"

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