71% of employees are disengaged at work...

Hiring a Transformation Coach can help you transform your workplace culture.


Sevenfold Coaching provides workshops that integrates research and best practices into a powerful learning experience that takes people from disengagement to work-life happiness.


  • Employee Engagement

  • Collaborative Communication

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Culture Change

Schedule a call to discuss your specific group and workplace transformation needs.

A great way to hear from your employees and learn about your overall organizational performance is to use the Performance Gap Indicator (PGI).


It is a culture assessment tool that combines anonymous individual employee responses and analyzes the results across five Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators: Culture, Operations, Leadership, Training, and Service.  The results offer a revealing look at your organization's strengths and performance gaps.  


The survey takes under 9 minutes to complete. Responses are compiled into one company wide performance report, which can be segmented by team, location, or department for comparative sub-reports and analysis.

Schedule a call to earn how you can survey your entire staff for FREE.

Sevenfold Coaching is a Certified Arkansas Minority and Women-Owned Business (AASIS #100229927).  ACA.15-4-315

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