Work Better Sevenfold

Team Coaching & VIA Team Report

The best leaders know that a team will work most effectively when people feel valued, connected, and reasonably challenged.


Work Better Sevenfold Team Coaching helps teams understand everyone’s unique strengths, manage blind spots, and resolve conflict within working relationships.

The VIA Team Report provides multiple perspectives so you can explore the strengths of the group, as well as the unique strengths that each person brings to the team. Minimum of 3, maximum of 15, people per Team Report.

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Gallup poll says that 71% of people are disengaged  at work...

Forbes discovered only 68% of Gen X workers report being happy at work...

Performance Gap Indicator

& Strategy Coaching

A great way to hear from your team and learn about your overall organizational performance is to use the Performance Gap Indicator (PGI).


It is a culture assessment tool that combines anonymous individual staff responses (minimum of 7) and analyzes the results across five Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators: Culture, Operations, Leadership, Training, and Service. 


With your report in hand and strategy coaching, you can manifest a happier and better workplace! 

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