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Prosperous Woman 

SMART Session

Real talk... 

The philosophy of talking candidly, honestly and concisely, usually for another's benefit to let them know of something that is usually hard to discuss


Do you want individualized real talk coaching that can help you to be a Prosperous Woman who is confident and SMART: 

- See yourself and awaken
- Master your emotions
- Ask, believe, and receive
- Relax, relate, and release
- Talk wisely


Then you are in the right place to schedule your session today!  

Of course I want that!...

Young Businesswoman

"I've been working with Felicia for several weeks now. She is someone that challenges you to move out of your comfort zone, but provides the encouragement to do so.  Felicia is great about helping you to see blind spots...things that you overlook as "normal", but in reality are, like I said, blind spots that can potentially slow your progress. Perhaps things that you are not willing to see about yourself.  Felicia's goal is to help you accomplish your goals. She is fun, thought provoking and helps you to set goals and encourages you to follow thorough.  I'm seeing myself grow and becoming more confident."  


Own a business?  Sevenfold Coaching could be a possible tax deduction for you.

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