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Prosperous Woman Masterclass

Real Talk... You know confidence when you see it!


So "how" do you become a confident Prosperous Woman?  By being SMART: 

- See yourself and awaken
- Master your emotions
- Ask, believe, and receive
- Relax, relate, and release
- Talk wisely

The Prosperous Woman Masterclass is facilitated by The Prosperous Woman Confidence Coach and is for goal-oriented women who want access to holistic microlearning that supports you in advancing your divine feminine confidence, leadership and emotional intelligence (self-awareness and social skills).


Masterclasses are usually up to 60 minutes and held monthly on the 11th at 7:11 pm central time.


All registrants, whether you are able to attend live or not, will receive a link to view the recording of the masterclass to replay whenever you desire.

Investing in yourself leads to success!

Masterclass price - $22.22

No upcoming events at the moment

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