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Are you tired of "trying" to be happier, work better, and feeling stuck?

Prosperous Woman Masterclass

Real talk... Your happiness is controlled by your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

The Prosperous Woman Masterclass enlightens women on how to be happier, work better, and be a SMART Prosperous Woman who can:

  • See Yourself (Decide who you are)

  • Master Emotions (Align to the emotional scale) 

  • Ask, Believe & Receive (Visualize what you want)

  • Release  (Meditate)

  • Talks As If (Affirmations)

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The monthly membership includes:


  1. Two private 30 min video life coaching sessions with Felicia

  2. Invitation to participate in live Member Ask and Meditation calls.

  3. Access to online masterclass content.

Of course I want that!...

Own a business?  Sevenfold Coaching

could be a possible tax deduction for you.

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