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Prosperous Woman Cruise

Planning for 2021

Real talk... Sometimes you just need to get away.


Your nonstop behavior of "doing" has created a stress storm that has interfered with your ability to simply "be"As women, we benefit from coping mechanisms that allow us to confidently manage the stressful demands of our leadership roles at home and work.   

The Prosperous Woman Cruise is an inclusive yet individualized coaching experience for high-achieving women seeking to relax, relate, and release, so they can be their authentic selves, realign, and be SMART at work and in life.


- See yourself and awaken
- Master your emotions
- Ask, believe, and receive
- Relax, relate, and release
- Talk wisely

Of course I want that!... 

Own a business?  Sevenfold Coaching could be a possible tax deduction for you.

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