Do you often feel..​.

   forgotten...     passed over...

      not seen...     not respected...

   stressed...     anxious...

      insecure...      doubtful...


like a fraud? ...


Real talk... What happens when powerhouses often experience these feelings?  


It impacts our work-life happiness! 

A powerhouse is a person or thing of great energy, strength, or power.  There are many powerhouse people who are born in the Generation X. 


Not sure who that is?  Then it should not surprise you that it is also called the "forgotten generation".  Gen Xers are born between 1960-1980s, which is sandwich between the Baby Boomers and Millennials.   

Time Magazine says the five key factors to happiness are: Purpose, Social Connection, Finances, Community, and Physical Health.  Today, much of the media and assistance is focused on the needs of Baby Boomers or Millennials. 


However, research shows, family happiness, relationships, work-life balance, along with community service are much more on the minds of Gen Xers than any other generation.


Have you heard of Impostor Syndrome? 


It is a concept that describes powerhouse people who have difficulty accepting their successes, grapple with self-doubt, and often feel like a "fraud".  Former First Lady Michelle Obama grapples with it and many other famous women.


Real talk... Impostor Syndrome highly impacts women and minorities.  And when your impostor is in control you are blocking or working twice as hard to achieve your goals and work-life happiness. 


Sevenfold Coaching's Powerhouse Queens Masterclass is a tribe of women who overcome impostor syndrome (self doubt) to be happier, and work better by achieving their annual work-life goals.

You do not have to be a chess master to know, the queen is the most powerful piece because she is able to make moves from wherever she stands. 

Research has shown, people are generally more goal-focused, have better results, and are happier when they are part of a team, rather than working alone.

Real talk... every queen has a tribe helping her.  You should too!    


Being apart of Powerhouse Queen Masterclass with a Transformation Coach can help you move past your inner impostor and focus on achieving your desires.  You will engage in goal setting, transformation coaching, social engagement, reciprocity  networking, and have accountability to help you achieve your work-life happiness goals.  

Over four months, members meet in person (once monthly) and communicate online in team forum to progress through a combination of self-transformational content.

Real talk... this masterclass is not just for any woman.  If you said things like:

I can't...   I'll try...  I should...    

   I don't deserve this... 

      I am not good enough...

         I don't believe I can...

              I wish I had... My goal is to...

If you are energized by: 

  • Understanding yourself better

  • Personal and professional development

  • Accountability in taking action to achieve your goals

  • Support from diverse women

then, click "Join The Tribe", to enroll in the next Powerhouse Queens Masterclass.

Real talk... Investing in yourself leads to success!


"Look no further for a great transformation coach.  I've been working with Felicia for several weeks now. She is someone that challenges you to move out of your comfort zone, but provides the encouragement to do so.  Felicia is great about helping you to see blind spots...things that you overlook as "normal", but in reality are, like I said, blind spots that can potentially slow your progress. Perhaps things that you are not willing to see about yourself.  Felicia's goal is to help you accomplish your goals. She is fun, thought provoking and helps you to set goals and encourages you to follow thorough.  I'm seeing myself grow and becoming more confident."

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