What led you here?

  1. You seek to increase your confidence.

  2. You seek to know and believe in your life's purpose.

  3. You seek to discover you and be authentic.

  4. You seek to overcome your self-doubt and inner critic.

  5. You seek to transform and take new action.

  6. You seek spiritual growth.

  7. You seek work-life happiness (balance).


It's no accident you were guided to Sevenfold Coaching. 


You were led here because you feel and seek a transformational change that aligns your mind, body, soul, and actions into your personal "work-life balance" or as Transformation Coach, Felicia Miller Johnson says, "work-life happiness".


You can learn to release blockages that often leave you...  

  • off balance

  • critical

  • negative

  • judgmental

  • stressed

  • anxious

  • angry

  • insecure 

  • sluggish

  • doubtful

  • unhappy

"The Sevenfold Coaching Method"  is transformation life coaching for women seeking to have balanced levels of self-awareness, confidence, intuition, and happiness.  During coaching sessions, you are guided in learning how to...

  1. Understand Self-Transformation

  2. Express Who You Are & Imagine

  3. Attract What You Want vs Don't Want

  4. Speak Words of Affirmation

  5. Relax, Relate, & Release Judgement

  6. Tap Your Intuition & Synchronicity

  7. Open Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Is this coaching for you? 

You are on the leading edge of an experience that can allow you to:


  • Deepen your spirituality, intuition,  consciousness, and awareness

  • Release emotional triggers, limiting beliefs, and negative thoughts

  • Radiate power and confidence

  • Have peace of mind

  • Improve your resilience

  • Reduce stress, fear, and anxiety

  • Strengthen your relationships

  • Be healthy physically

  • Maintain your work-life happiness


Know and believe, "Investing in yourself leads to success!"  Participating in this coaching takes having a growth mindset and focused commitment. 


Click "schedule call" to coordinate a date and time for us to discuss how I can help you master your work-life happiness.


"Look no further for a great transformation coach.  I've been working with Felicia for several weeks now. She is someone that challenges you to move out of your comfort zone, but provides the encouragement to do so.  Felicia is great about helping you to see blind spots...things that you overlook as "normal", but in reality are, like I said, blind spots that can potentially slow your progress. Perhaps things that you are not willing to see about yourself.  Felicia's goal is to help you accomplish your goals. She is fun, thought provoking and helps you to set goals and encourages you to follow thorough.  I'm seeing myself grow and becoming more confident."

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Sevenfold Coaching is a Certified Arkansas Minority and Women-Owned Business (AASIS #100229927).  ACA.15-4-315

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