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Felicia Miller Johnson, BNI Area Director


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Felicia means happy, yet I was impacted by work-life stress and impostor syndrome. I transformed my mindset and became a Prosperous Woman who is happier and works better as a wife, mother, business owner, and friend– sevenfold.


As a certified Transformation Life Coach and the founder of Sevenfold Coaching, I coach women to transform their mindset and see the best in themselves, their circumstances and attract positive people, opportunities, and wealth.


Why did I name my business Sevenfold Coaching?   According to Romans 12:6-8, "sevenfold" represents: (1) Insight  (2) Helpfulness (3) Teaching (4) Encouragement (5) Generosity (6) Guidance (7) Compassion 


Years in the Business: 3 

Business Introduction Video:

Business Location: Online at and onsite at clients’ businesses   

Sevenfold Coaching is a BNI Member and Certified Arkansas Minority and Women-Owned Business (AASIS #100229927). 


Previous Types of Jobs:  Director of Academic Affairs, Marketing Manager, Product Development Manager

Family Information: Husband: Trapper   Children:  Gabe 14 and Ariel 9    My mom also lives with us.


City of Residence: Little Rock - 20 years


Activities and Interests:  

  • I enjoy “working”. 

  • I often read books and listen to podcasts that deal with self-transformation topics (spiritual awareness, manifestation, law of attraction, impostor syndrome, positive psychology, business improvement, emotional intelligence). 

  • I avoid watching the news and phrases such as “I can’t, I’ll try, and I wish”.

  • I teach Power Circuit (group aerobics class) at LA Fitness. 

Burning Desire: To be a Prosperous Woman.


Something no one here knows about you:  I was impacted by impostor syndrome and often felt I needed to be “twice as good”. 


The Key to Your Success: Positive emotional intelligence.  


Ultimate Success Mantra: Investing in yourself leads to success!


Sevenfold Coaching Goals for 2020

  • Facilitate The Pines Women Retreat, Feb 22, 2020 ✅

  • Complete 2nd book by the end of April ✅

  • Implement Prosperous Woman Masterclasses by the end of April ✅

  • Facilitate first Prosperous Woman VIP Coaching Cruise 2020/2021


BNI Goals for 2020

  • Achieve 100 on Power One Report ✅

  • Be selected to become BNI Support Director Consultant ✅


Past Accomplishments:  

  • I had a LinkedIn viral post viewed by over 760k people

  • Coordinated Suze Orman’s first presentation at  U.S. military installation

  • Nominated and graduated for CRUs Senior Leadership Initiative (SLI) Program

  • FamilyLife's Toastmaster of the Year

  • Two U.S. President's Volunteer Service Awards

  • UOPX Campus Academic Excellence Awards– Gold & Silver Levels

  • DAA Academic Innovation and Leadership Award

  • Military Achievement in Marketing Excellence (AME) awards


HRMAAR, CHARA, Black HR Professionals, Women Influencers, Women In Networking, LA Fitness, BNI

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© 2020   Sevenfold Coaching is an BNI Member and  Certified Arkansas Minority and Women-Owned Business (AASIS #100229927).