Howdy! As the founder of #SevenfoldCoaching and a Transformation Coach, I help people be happier and work better. 

Felicia means happy, yet I was impacted by work-life stress and impostor syndrome. Thankfully, I experienced a transformative spiritual awaking that allowed me to be a happier wife, mother, business owner, and friend - sevenfold. I say and believe “Investing in yourself leads to success.” 

I coach women who are seeking to utilize law of attraction principles to help develop their skills in achieving work-life happiness. 

Many employees are feeling overwhelmed by stress and seek to be happier. I help organizations work better by assessing and conducting transformation workshops that improve employee engagement.

Need my services? Schedule a call with me today.

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Sevenfold Coaching is a Certified Arkansas Minority and Women-Owned Business (AASIS #100229927).  ACA.15-4-315

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