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Work-Life Clarity.  SMART Goals.  Encouragement.


 Have you heard card idioms such as...

  • The cards are staked against you...

  • The hand you were dealt...

  • I'm going to pull your card...

  •  A house of cards


Circumstances in your life have caused your self-esteem and confidence to take some hits leaving you feeling incomplete and not great.


Divine messages are sent to encourage us; however many people are distracted by the daily shuffle of life. 

Used for thousands of years and around the world by many people, divination intuitive cards can provide clarity, insight, and confirmation about your work-life goals.

How much happier could you be if you took dedicated time to receive your personal intuitive feedback messages. 


You could begin regaining your confidence and take inspired action that is for your highest good.  


Let's lay your cards on the table so you can confidently play them right!...


Work-Life Clarity

Intuitive Card Reading

God, archangels, spirit guides, ancestors, and ascend masters are eagerly awaiting to open a channel of communication with you. 


This four-card intuitive card spread can provide divine clarity, insight, and encouragement for your path to achieving your work-life goals.

SMART Intuitive Feedback Session

Live SMART means to

See Yourself & Awaken

Master Your Emotions

Ask, Believe, & Receive

Relax Relate, & Release

Talk Wisely 


In this live session, seekers  receive Intuitive Feedback and life coaching with this nine-card spread that connects:

  • home/family; relationships/ romance; and career / purpose.

  • past; present; future

  • strengths; heart; challenges

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Solid As A Rock Couple Session

Want a "solid as a rock" marriage?The song "Solid" celebrates that through all the difficulties and problems a couple may face, you can make a love stronger by learning how to relax, relate, and release some things between each other.


This session allows you and your spouse to "show one's cards" and address your challenging situations and celebrate your special connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sessions based on a specific religion?

No.  Felicia's religious  background is based in Christianity.   She prays and calls her supreme being, creator, and principal object of faith, God and Emmanuel.  She identifies as a Modern Mystic and is also a Certified Angel Guide.

What type of resources does Felicia use?

Intuitive Cards, Crystals, Songs, Stories, Meditation, Essential Oils, Chakras, Candles, Numbers, Incenses, Books, Smart Phone, Apps, Internet, The Bible, TV Shows, Music, Movies, Mystic Retreats --basically anything God and Spirit Guides suggests.


Is Felicia a witch?

No! The word "witch" use to be a trigger word for her because of the negative history and judgement connected with it.  She may jest, think Wizard of Oz, to help transmute that energy.  She does have a mystique or awe about her that naturally draws in people. 

Do you have a code of ethics?

Yes! View it here.

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