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Are you feeling frustrated and stuck in the rat race?

Transformation Life Coach


Real Talk... You can promote yourself and be a Prosperous Woman

Felicia means happy, yet I was impacted by work-life stress and impostor syndrome. I transformed my mindset sevenfold and became a Prosperous Woman who is happier and works better as a wife, mother, friend, and business owner.

As a certified Transformation Life Coach and the founder of Sevenfold Coaching, I coach entrepreneurial spirited women on how to promote themselves from the limiting rat race and create their own Prosperous Woman lifestyle.

Of course you can! 

With self-control, patience, kindness, and focusing on goodness, you can attract the lifestyle you want!  You can be happier and work better! You can have love, joy, and peace! You can have freedom and wealth! Be gentle with yourself, breathe, and laugh.  Relax, relate, and release! 

This is your opportunity to align and allow yourself to advance to the next level in your personal transformation and create the Prosperous Woman lifestyle you desire!

Why did I name my business Sevenfold Coaching?  

"Sevenfold" represents: (1) Insight  (2) Helpfulness (3) Teaching (4) Encouragement (5) Generosity (6) Guidance (7) Compassion Romans 12:6-8

Own a business?  Sevenfold Coaching could be a possible tax deduction for you.

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