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Why did I named my business Sevenfold Coaching?  According to Romans 12:6-8, "sevenfold" represents:

1. Insight (prophecy)

2. Helpfulness (service or ministry) 

3. Instruction (teaching)

4. Encouragement

5. Generosity (giving)

6. Guidance (leadership)

7. Compassion  

Felicia means happy, yet I was impacted by work-life stress and impostor syndrome. Seeking a solution, I discovered and applied holistic principles that helped me transform into a powerhouse queen who is happier and works better as a wife, mother, business owner, and friend –sevenfold.

My personal and professional experiences led me to become a Transformation Life Coach and the founder of Sevenfold Coaching. I am inspired to help women release their impostor and have work-life happiness.

Many employees are feeling overwhelmed by stress and Gen X workers are considered the "forgotten generation".  I help teams work better by assessing and facilitating transformation workshops that improve employee engagement.

I believe “Investing in yourself leads to success.” 

I am also a speaker and author of the books, Girl, You Can Promote Yourself and Do You Feel Like a Fraud? A certified life coach’s guide to help you recognize and overcome impostor syndrome.

Sevenfold Coaching is a Certified Arkansas Minority and Women-Owned Business (AASIS #100229927).  


ACA.15-4-315 - Purchases of up to $40k can be made without competitive solicitation if using an AEDC certified minority or women-owned business.

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