The SMART Coach & Ascension Guide

Are you experiencing work, life, or relationship dilemmas?

Let's lay your cards on the table so you can

confidently live and make SMART decisions!

Often people use card idioms such as: the cards are staked against me...the hand I was house of cards... when experiencing work, life, or relationship dilemmas such as...

  • What is my life purpose...

  • Which job offer do I  accept...

  • When is the right time to fully quit my job and operate my business full-time...

  • How do I deal with my Christian connections now that I am open to additional spiritual teachings, such as Law of Attraction...

  • My spouse cheated on me, now what do I do...

  • Fill in the ___________ with your dilemma...

Your daily shuffle of work, life, relationship dilemmas can cause your confidence to weaken, leaving you with low vibration emotions and self-doubt.


You can gain clarity, insight, and confidence to take inspired action that is for your highest good.

You can feel happier, complete, and seven times greater if you invested in yourself and sought support that helps enlighten you on your next action step.

Together, Life Coaching and Intuitive Cards, are a powerful technique for providing intuitive feedback that helps you.


Ready to lay your cards on the table and confidently live and make SMART decisions?

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🎴✨ Work-Life Clarity Session

Experiencing feelings of unrest or self-doubt? This four-card layout helps provide insight, clarity and encouragement for your specific dilemma.

🎴✨ Live SMART Session

Live SMART means to

See Yourself & Awaken

Master Your Emotions

Ask, Believe, & Receive

Relax, Relate, & Release

Talk Wisely 


This one hour, SMART spread provides intuitive feedback as you explore nine themes:

  • home/family; relationships/ romance; and career / purpose.

  • past; present; future guidance

  • strengths; heart; challenges

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🎴✨ SMART Couple Session

This judgement-free, 45 min SMART couple session includes a five-card connection spread that provides intuitive feedback that can help you address your relationship dilemma and celebrate your special connection.

🎴✨ Intuitive Cards Video

Do you desire intuitive  feedback but finding time for a 30-60 min session is challenging?  This is for you! 


At your convenience, record and submit a short selfie video and receive a personalized intuitive feedback video message via email.

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✨Frequently Asked Questions

Are sessions based on a specific religion?

No.  Felicia's religious  background is based in Christianity.   She prays and calls her supreme being, creator, and principal object of faith, God and Emmanuel. She does believe in the Law of Attraction principles.

What type of resources does Felicia use?

Intuitive Cards, Crystals, Songs, Stories, Meditation, The Bible, Essential Oils, Chakras, Candles, Numbers, Incenses, Books, Smart Phone, Apps, Internet, TV Shows, Music, Movies, Mystic Retreats --basically anything God and Spirit Guides suggests.


Is Felicia a witch?

No. The word "witch" use to be a trigger word for her because of the negative history and judgement connected with it.  She may jest, think Wizard of Oz, to help transmute that energy.  She is a Certified Angel Guide.  She does have a mystique or awe about her that naturally draws in people.  #blackgirlmagic 

Does Felicia do fortune telling - predict the future?

No. You have free will and you control your thoughts and actions.  Felicia shares insight, messages, and viewpoints that help you discuss and travel your own life path.

Why did Felicia name her business Sevenfold Coaching?

Felicia asked God to tell her what she should name her business.  She was awakened about 3 am with the word "sevenfold".  Seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual).   It is connected to spiritual gifts and growth.  Sevenfold means seven times as great.  

Does Felicia have a code of ethics?

Yes! View it here.

© 2021   Sevenfold Coaching is a Certified Arkansas Minority and Women-Owned Business (AASIS #100229927) and a BNI Member

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