Aloha chica!

Are you tired of "trying" to be happier, work better, and feeling stuck?

I'm Felicia, The 

Prosperous Woman 

Life Coach 

that can help you!


In the movie ✨Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back, Yoda famously said “Do or do not. There is no try."  


Real Talk... Trying literally means difficult or annoying; hard to endure. 

What do you have stuck in the muddy swamp and been trying to pull out? 


Despite my name meaning happy, there was a time that I was not happy. I was stuck in work-life stress and impostor syndrome.

Similar to you, I was tired of efforting... struggling... trying... 


and I had my "I'm done!" moment.


Yoda taught Luke life skills that advanced his thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.  With life coaching, I transformed sevenfold and became a Prosperous Woman who is happier and works better as a wife, mother, friend, and business owner.  


Now, I'm not just "a" life coach, I'm The Prosperous Woman Life Coach!  


It's my mission to enlighten women like you who are trying to get unstuck about how be happier, work better, and be a Prosperous Woman.

Real talk... 

You can have love, joy, and peace!

You can relax, relate, and release!

You can have energy and good health! 

You can have freedom and wealth!

You can promote yourself!

You can be happier and work better! 

You can attract the lifestyle you want!


Of course you can! 


You just need to be SMART...

  • See Yourself (Decide who you are)

  • Master Emotions (Align to the emotional scale) 

  • Ask, Believe & Receive (Visualize what you want)

  • Release  (Meditate)

  • Talks As If (Affirmations)


Ready to release being stuck? I would love to have a free 30 minute video call with you.

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