Confidently be happier and work better.

Supporting busy women in transitioning from employee mindset to enlightened entrepreneur with video eCoaching and masterclasses.

Online Yoga

Girl, Get

Your Mind Right!

This is a FREE, 20 minute online (Zoom) meditation and mindfulness session to help women reduce work-life stress and build confidence.

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Prosperous Woman e-Coaching

You have a busy schedule so you need a flexible coach.  This e-Coaching service allows you the freedom to communicate via chat messages and short video clips and receive individualized weekly coaching videos back.

Women Colleagues

Leadership Team Development

Unfortunately, many managers are feeling stressed and lacking confidence in their managerial skills.  Investing in a manager's leadership skills can positively change the elevation of an organization.

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Operate Like a Boss Masterclass

Now that you made the boss move to be your own boss, you need to learn about and implement business resource tools that allow you to operate your business well like a boss.

Confident Businesswoman

Prosperous Woman SMART Session

What can you do when you are feeling self-doubt or like a "fraud"? Talk with a certified coach and learn how to be a  Prosperous Woman who is confident and SMART...

Online Class

Personality Assessment

Know thyself and begin to be happier and work better by taking this FREE personality assessment to learn your DISC profile.


Prosperous Woman Masterclass

This masterclass supports you in advancing your divine feminine confidence, leadership  and emotional intelligence (self-awareness and social skills).

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Prosperous Woman Cruise

Real talk... Sometimes you just need to get away.  This is an inclusive yet individualized coaching experience for women  seeking to relax, relate, and release.

Virtual Team Meeting

Online Meeting Platform

Want to meet with clients online or conduct group meetings.  Use this simplified video conferencing and messaging platform across any device.

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Google My Business

Stand out on Google with a free Business Profile.   Even if you do not have a storefront location, you can create a listing that allows clients to learn about your business.

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Business Video Marketing

Easily create actionable videos to get more engagement, bookings, and sales. Learn how to increase client happiness, build new relationships and grow your business.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

You need a tool that  allows you to work better by efficiently managing  and analyzing your  interactions with past, current and potential clients. 

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Payment Processor

When you’re running an independent business, you need an ally who knows how to help—but who also respects your independence. From payments to credit to fraud protection, this platform helps you meet your customers where they are—online.

Typing on a Computer

Appointment Scheduler

Find the perfect meeting time with super easy online appointment scheduling software and say goodbye to phone and email tag.

Logo Design

Graphic Design Platform

With thousands of professionally made templates to get you started, you can create, customize, and share your designs in a few clicks.

Responsive Website

Website Platform

If you want something more than a free Google website, you can create a professional website easily using this platform.

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Business Referrals & Networking

Experience a proven referral system in action. People just like you working together, helping each other grow their businesses and improve their business skills.

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